Mobile Marketing Becomes More Popular for Media Buyers

Media buying is entering a new phase of mobile saturation as more marketers are incorporating this form of advertising into their mix.

According to the latest data from Strongmail, mobile marketing is reaching a higher level of adoption rate. The survey noted that marketers are embracing mobile as a stand-alone marketing option and as part of integrated marketing strategies.

There are three areas of mobile marketing that topped Strongmail’s survey. Media buying agencies and advertisers noted that mobile websites were their favorite form of mobile marketing (at 70 percent). Mobile applications and QR codes were number two and three, with 55 percent and 49 percent respectively.

Creating Mobile-based Experiences That Lead To Conversion

With Smartphone usage on the rise, it’s been more important than ever for companies to optimize their websites for mobile usage. With customers wanting to interact with websites and advertising on their smaller screens, marketers will need to respond accordingly. Media buyers, e-mail marketers, direct response agencies, and other types of marketers will need to create mobile-based experiences that lead to customer conversions. Creating a mobile marketing campaign is not just a matter of using the technology – it’s a matter of reaching out to consumers in the right way.

Of those surveyed, 47% of marketers and media buyers who are not using mobile plan to do so within the next year. 32% of those non-users plan to develop mobile campaigns in a year or more. Only 25% noted that they have no plans to integrate mobile marketing.

Although mobile marketing is becoming more prominent, it still represents a very small portion of overall marketing budgets. Nearly 25% of the respondents noted that mobile marketing is less than 1 percent of their overall marketing budget. One-fifth of those surveyed said that it represented 2 to 3 percent of their total marketing budget spent. Finally, 6 percent of respondents said that mobile represented 11 percent or more of their marketing budget in the past year.

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