MTV Aims for Multitasker

Simultaneous advertising on television and online gives brands an extended opportunity to connect with potential buyers, and with MTV’s new multi-platform advertising service, it’s easier than ever to do. MTV is introducing its platform just as brands are looking for a way to connect with media “multitaskers” who frequently watch TV while they are on their mobile devices are laptops.

How big is this target market? The number of social media comments made about TV shows has increased exponentially in the last few years, pointing to a growing trend to multitask during television shows. According to research, 84% of Smartphone owners and 86% of tablet owners used their mobile devices while watching TV at least once in the last month. 50% of those mobile device users reported that they used social media, like Twitter or Facebook, during the program.

For media buyers, the challenge becomes capturing the attention of their audience while their focus is split. With MTV’s approach, there could be an opportunity for direct response advertisers to combine the exposure of television advertising with the personalization of web marketing.

Here’s how it works in a real world situation:

  • During MTV’s Video Music Awards, rapper Nicki Minaj appears in a commercial for PepsiCo’s Pepsi soft drink.
  • At the same time, MTV’s website and mobile applications show interactive ads for Pepsi.

In addition to increasing exposure and inviting the viewer to participate in the advertising, this method also acts a measure of protection for media buyers. By placing ads on multiple platforms simultaneously, they are able to capture the attention of viewers who may have missed the advertising on their flatscreen.

Multi-tasking ads may be able to reach multi-tasking viewers and capture their attention even if a consumer’s focus is split.

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