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Facebook and Money

Published on January 8, 2011 By Koeppel drtv

Facebook is seeing unprecedented growth in a sector that many didn’t see – its games sector. Companies like Zynga are making millions creating Facebook-exclusive games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars. These cloud-based games have created a steady consumer base for the popular social networking empire. The major reason for this sudden rush in popularity […]

Viacom and Google Go to Court

Published on May 6, 2010 By Koeppel drtv

Viacom and Google’s legal battle over whether Google has intentionally been allowing YouTube users to post copyrighted content on the media-sharing site just got nastier – and more public. The case is pretty simple: Viacom is saying that YouTube was actively encouraging copyrighted content on the site, while Google claims it has been policing copyrighted […]

Google Expands Into Display Ads

Published on March 20, 2010 By Koeppel drtv

If you wanted to summarize the difference between Google’s advertising strategy and Yahoo’s, you could do so thusly: Google uses small text ads tailored to user’s searches, whereas Yahoo focuses on graphic display ads that do much the same thing. Looks like the status quo is pretty close to being flipped. Google is looking into […]

Status Check: TV Political Advertising

Published on March 12, 2008 By Koeppel drtv

Minnesota’s Star Tribune reported on March 2 that despite this year’s intense presidential election, some, like Brown University Professor Darrel West, still say that TV commercials are playing a reduced role in the election. According to Brown, who wrote a book on presidential political advertising titled “Air Wars,” the 2008 election is based on critical […]